March 7, 2012

March Break Fun For This Kinder® Family!

March Break is just around the corner - yay!  I remember during my school days, being so excited about having an entire week off from school just to have fun!  Big-A is literally counting down the days to next week, carefully placing an 'X' on each day that passes.  Lil-J has no concept of March Break yet, but I'm sure he'll be pleased to have his big bro with him for a week straight!

March Break entertainment doesn't have to mean breaking your budget.  There are many ways to make each day fun without spending any money at all!

Movie Nights
  • With no school the next day, many children will stay up a little later than usual.  I have a mid-week movie night planned with Big-A.  We love watching movies together, and a home movie with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of sparkling water is definitely budget-friendly.
Picnic Lunch
  • Last summer, I had posted about treating my boys to an at home picnic lunch.  We've done this many times since, and March Break is the perfect time to plan this fun lunchtime activity for your kids.  Put on their favourite tv show or movie, place a big blanket on the floor and serve up picnic-type foods like cheese & crackers, fresh veggies with dip and pita chips with hummus.  Buy some fun, colourful staws for their drinks to make the picnic extra special!
Fun In The Kitchen
  • Let your kids join in the fun of preparing meals, by allowing them to wash or cut veggies or by setting the table.  Use this time to bake an extra special treat like chocolate chip cookies, and up the yum factor by turning them into Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches!
Stay Local & Free
  • On a lazy Sunday a few weeks ago, we decided to visit Toronto's High Park Zoo with the boys.  We hadn't been there since Big-A was 2 years old and too much time had passed - we just had to go again!  I love High Park - it's only a 20-minute drive from our home in Oakville, and it's like being in a different world.  The trails and the ponds make it an idea place to spend the day.  The zoo features many different animals that you don't have to walk for hours to see.  It's all outdoors, and very small - perfect for little ones.  And the best part?  It's FREE!  If you live in the GTA, why not make a day trip to High Park, walk along the paths and visit the zoo!
Don't Let Work Ruin The Fun
  • My husband and I both work through March Break every year.  We save our vacay days for the summer months.  This year, though, we both decided to book off the Friday of March Break.  Whether we plan something outside of the house, or just hang out at home, it will be a great day!  If you have to work every day during March Break, plan special activities for after dinner or during the weekend.  Your kids will be happy just spending time with you!
My boys smiling under an 'umbrella tree' at Toronto's High Park Zoo!
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Being a proud #KINDERMom again, I can definitely think of another way to make any March Break moment extra special.  Treat your little ones (and yourself!) to a Kinder® Surprise® and you're guaranteed smiles all around.  With the perfect mix of quality chocolate and a fun toy, it's a great way to enjoy those little moments, the ones that really matter.

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I also encourage you to visit the Kinder® Canada website at for nutritional & product information. You will also find some handy tabs such as Ideas For Creative Playtime, Playful Events Near You, and Development Interests For Parents.

Don't stress about how to keep your kids occupied and entertained during March Break.  Have fun, relax and enjoy this precious family time!
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