August 21, 2011

Indoor Fun - Picnics!

After a long, hot morning on a soccer field, the boys were only interested in relaxing when we returned home.  They quietly settled on the couch watching The Goonies while I prepared lunch.  Instead of calling them into the kitchen to eat, I decided to surprise them with an indoor picnic lunch!  Big-A grabbed a big blanket and set it up in front of the tv in the family room.  I brought them their lunch and they got comfy.  We NEVER eat in front of the tv, so this was a very exciting moment!

Big-A setting up the picnic blanket

I'm not used to this at lunch time...SILENCE...for the next 30 minutes.  It was heavenly!  And the boys had so much fun.  I will definitely treat them to indoor picnic lunches again.  I can't think of a better way to keep the summer fun going, with fall right around the corner!
Two happy boys :)

Simple surprises are so much fun!
Kids love life's simple pleasures.  Why not turn a standard lunch at home into an indoor picnic!  It's a fun break from the ordinary, and your kids will LOVE it

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