August 30, 2011

Sing, Sing A Song!

Every night for the past 6 years, I have read bedtime stories to Big-A, Lil-J, and on the rare occasion the two munchkins together.  I think I just might like storytime more than the boys!  It's a time for imaginations to run away, and more importantly, a time for some quiet bonding after a busy day.

As much as we love bedtime stories, we also love singing!  My boys are constantly singing songs from tv shows, commercials, and their favourite movies.  In the car, they sing "Eleanor Rigby" at the top of their lungs (we're a family of Beatlemaniacs!).  And at any time of day, you'll find Lil-J sweetly singing "Tomorrow" from the musical movie Annie.  He slowly shakes his head as he sings it - the most adorable thing in the world!  At night, we sing bedtime songs, and I take the time to teach the boys songs from my childhood.  "Hippo In The Bathtub" is an absolute must - if you didn't grow up listening to this Anne Murray children's album, you really should introduce it to your children.  It's a classic, full of songs that will encourage very sweet dreams!

When Big-A & Lil-J were infants, I would rock them for hours through the night humming a beautiful tune that my great-grandmother hummed to my mother as a baby.  I would also sing "You Are My Sunshine" each and every night.  These days, I'm still singing the same songs to the boys, along with new ones.  If you were a Sesame Street fan as a child, you'll definitely recognize "Sing A Song" in the video below.  We sing this one all together, usually 3 or 4 times before bed!


Try something different tonight and instead of reading stories, sing some songs with your little ones.  Bring back some classics from your own childhood, or make up a silly one!  The time you spend together is what's important, but there's nothing wrong with changing your normal routine.  Your kids will love it!


Heather said...

We love singing at bedime, too! :) (or any time!)

Shauna MacKenzie said...

Thanks for the comment Heather, and for taking the time to check out my blog! My boys are very musical. Singing with your children is a great way to encourage imaginitive play, and to open their minds to all types of music.