March 19, 2012

Kuuala ~ Selling Products To Create A More Sustainable Planet

Buying green products for personal and household use can be extremely overwhelming.  What brands are best?  What ingredients are best?  Who do you trust?

I am constantly reminded of the importance of using green products while watching tv, reading magazines and blogs, and most importantly, from my 7-year old 'eco detective'.  Big-A attends one of the most environmentally friendly elementary schools in Ontario, and he has made it his life goal to get everyone around him on the green bandwagon!

When searching out the best green products available, it's hard to know where to start.  You could spend a small fortune testing and trying yourself, but why waste time and money when someone else can do it for you?  The special someone that I have found goes by the name Kuuala!

Kuuala's mission: 
"The Kuuala team was formed around the idea that buying sustainable products could be made easy, by clearly explaining the many benefits and by offering a wide selection of green products."
Kuuala understands that choices we make on this side of the world will impact the entire world.  They offer products that allow consumers to make a difference by saving natural resources and reducing pollution, and ultimately making our world healthier.

The Kuuala Online Store offers a great selection of brands and products in many categories.

Personal Care
  • Categories include skin/body/hair/dental care, women and men care, baby & mother, cosmetics and beauty - everything that your family needs on a daily basis
  • Brands such as Organique by Himalaya, Nature Clean, Tashodi, gDiaper (a compostable/flushable solution to cloth and disposable diapers!), Kaia and Seventh Generation
Eco Cleaning
  • Categories include household cleaners, kitchen/bathroom/laundry care, paper products and commercial cleaners
  • You'll find a vast selection of Nature Clean and Seventh Generation products
Home & Lifestyle
  • You'll find glass vessels to hold hot or cold drinks, a line of bamboo kitchen items by Ekobo (LOVE!!), Mayukori nursing and sleeping pillows and water filtration options
Office & Work
  • Check out ReBinder, a full line of recycled office paper supplies

I have reviewed Nature Clean and Seventh Generation products in the past, and both brands are permanent staples in my home.  It can be difficult to find my favourite green products in stores, though.  Some stores only sell one of the green brands that I like, while others sell numerous brands but have a small selection of each available.  I love that I can purchase my favourite green household brands through Kuuala's online store, not having to deal with the disappointment and frustration of not finding my favourite product at my local store.

When Kuuala offered to send me a Mayukori pillow to test out at home, I was both excited and intrigued.  I know that standard pillows hold and absorb dust mites, sweat and drool (my boys are deep sleepers and serious droolers!), shortening their lifespan.  I've heard that a standard pillow has a lifespan of 3 months to 2 years, depending on materials and care.  They will often get to the point of being unhealthy before they are disposed of and replaced.

Mayukori pillows are made in Canada, and are inspired by traditional Korean pillows.  They are natural, ergonomic, anti-mite and hygienic - ideal for allergy sufferers.  These "EGOresponsible" pillows are plant based, stuffed with buckwheat from local organic farms, making them compostable!  The buckwheat allows the pillow to naturally form to the shape of your head and neck, offering superior cervical vertebrae support.

Along with being "EGOresponsible", Mayukori also has a "SOCIOresponsible" attitude.  Their products are handmade by a Montreal reintegration company, training women in need in industrial sewing and providing them with small commercial jobs.  These women will eventually be given the opportunity to receive a diploma and move on to work for private companies.  I absolutely love any company that accepts social responsibility, and being a supporter of my local women's shelter, it means a lot to know that owning a Mayukori pillow will help a woman in need.
Mayukori's AKI Nino Child Pillow

Upon receiving our new Mayukori Nino Child Pillow, I instantly loved the AKI design, colourful and playful, perfect for any child!  It's compact, much smaller than a standard pillow.  The first few nights that Big-A used the Nino Pillow, it ended up on all parts of his bed.  It was a bit of an adjustment, transitioning from his standard sized pillow to a smaller one, but once he realized that it tucked perfectly under his neck he got used to it quickly.

Being the kid that he is and not understanding how important ergonomic and hygeinic are (that's Mommy and Daddy's job!), his favourite thing about the pillow is the ability to chill it or heat it.  I also love this option, and on occasion have 'borrowed' the pillow during evening story time.  I love the support and stretch that it gives my neck and head, especially after a long day sitting at a computer at work.

After 3 months of using this pillow, I can honestly say that it still has the same shape and form that it had on day one, and it doesn't smell at all.  Here is Big-A's own review of the Mayukori Nino Child Pillow:
"It feels nice and soft!  You can lay your head on it and it helps you to go to sleep.  It helps your head stay clean."
I love the mind of a 6-year old :)  Big-A loves his pillow and once Lil-J starts keeping his pillow under his head while he sleeps, I'll get him one too.

Big-A sleeping soundly on his Mayukori pillow.

The Mayukori Pillows retail at Kuuala from $59.49 to $109.49, from child to adult sizes and they come in numerous styles.  With a 2-year guarantee and a 10-year lifespan, I think that the price is totally worth it!  Buying a good quality pillow is as important as buying a good quality mattress, and when you consider that you will spend an average of 7-8 hours with your head on a pillow (and your children may spend up to 12 hours doing the same), quality really should come first.

Check out Kuuala online at for a complete list of brands and products.  One of the most awesome things that Kuuala offers to consumers that most websites cannot offer, is FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS across Canada, with no minimum purchase required!  They also offer a 6-month return policy.  Now that's great customer service!

You can also follow Kuuala on Facebook and Twitter and Google+.  Help support this Toronto-based online company and in turn, support and protect our beautiful Earth!


Raja Abdullah Zia said...

Have you considered using glass straws? They're super classy and toxin free. I've seen a few brands out there. my favorite is simply straws, i love the travel case each straw comes with

Anonymous said...

Buckwheat hulls filled pillows are traditional pillows in China. They are still widely used and easy to find in China. Too bad that they are so expensive in Canada.

Shauna MacKenzie said...

@Raja - I have never thought of using glass straws, I probably wouldn't consider them for my children. I'm sure that they'd be pretty for an adult dinner party, though! There are so many alternatives to the norm with products, it's great that there are options other than plastic!

@Anonymous - It is a shame that products "MADE IN CANADA" are often more expensive than imported products. I keep hoping that demand will bring prices down, and I do believe that will happen one day! In the meantime, I do bite the bullet and pay more for Canadian made products as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

The store is as am you don,t get what you buy u get nutting and the store a phone is always busy and he woun,t return emails be Leary of this kuuala

Anonymous said...

Kuuala has been giving me the run around for the last year no sending product. They have no problem taking your money, and telling you your product is on back order. Shipment has never arrived.