February 25, 2012

Finding Common Ground

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a house full of children.  The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe was my childhood idol!  I also knew that I wanted a house full of boys.  I know, I'm a girl.  I grew up with two sisters and tons of girl cousins.  And I've always had lots of girlie fun with friends.  But for some reason, I just wanted to have little boys.  And that is what I have - two gorgeous, hilarious, wild and crazy boys.

Having only boys with no plans for more children, I know that there are many moments in life that I will miss out on.  I don't have a daughter to share mani-pedi days with.  I don't have a daughter to support through her first heart break.  I don't have a daughter to help into her wedding gown, wiping tears from her cheeks before she walks up the aisle.  But the moments that I do have with my two sons will be just as special - I will make sure of this!

During the boy's infancy and preschool years, having similar interests with my sons never crossed my mind.  But now that Big-A nears age 7, I've realized that it's more important than ever to ensure that I have common interests with them.

Big-A and Daddy golf together, play street hockey together, and wrestle around the house together.  Big-A and I used to bake together...that was until he realized that it's just not cool for a 6-year old to bake with his mother!

These days, we enjoy movie nights on our own (while Daddy watches hockey and Lil-J is asleep).  And we have regular date nights at the movie theatre, with popcorn and Junior Mints, chatting and laughing the entire time.  We also make time at the end of each day as I'm tucking him into bed, to discuss our day and talk about how we're feeling.  These are special moments for Big-A and I, and I plan to add to these moments as he gets older, along with starting the same traditions with Lil-J.

I won't allow the fact that I'm a girl and my children are boys to get in the way of my having strong relationships with them.  It may be an effort, but I will continue to find common ground in order to be a parent that my children want to be with.  Doing so will only make our relationships stronger.

The boys reading together before bed. One of my favourite things to do with them both!


Lena! said...

I've been meaning to post a comment for the last few days. So happy I came back to this post again - because it made me smile once more :) A truly lovely, heart-warming post Shauna :)

Shauna MacKenzie said...

Thx for your comment Lena :) I enjoyed writing it, and it's something that I struggle with all the time!