February 18, 2012

Greenmunch.ca ~ Earth Friendly, Green, Sustainable, Canadian!

Greenmunch.ca is not just a super cute name with a super cute mascot!  This Canadian, family run Online Eco Store specializes in earth friendly, green, and sustainable products.  And unlike many other 'green' products on the market, they offer unique, high quality products that are practical and fun.  You won't find boring items on their site!

When Greenmunch.ca kindly sent me their Paper Drinking Straws to try out, I couldn't wait to receive them!  These straws are compostable, biodegradable, and are coloured with FDA-approved foodsafe ink.  And, I LOVE drinking straws, from bendy ones to ones with loops.  My boys love them too!  I was very curious to know how a paper straw would hold up to cups of milk and weekend smoothies.

When I opened the box of straws, Big-A "oooo'd" and "ahhh'd".  The designs were awesome!!  They reminded me of what you'd find in an old school soda shop.

I just love the retro designs of these paper straws!

The stripes and polka dots would get any child excited!
(or any straw-loving retro mom!)
The straws are surprisingly strong and are hard to bend, and I found that plastic straws are much more flimsy.  I knew that the true test, though, would be to see if they survived fruit smoothies.  They take a while to drink, and I was concerned that they wouldn't hold up well.  I was quickly proven wrong!  The boys each used a straw for not one, but two servings of smoothie and the straws did not collapse. 

Lil-J testing out his Greenmunch Paper Straw on a fruit smoothie!

Big-A giving his paper straw a try!

I'm loving this straw!

Success! The Greenmunch Paper Straws survived the fruit smoothies!

Big-A proudly attends one of the most environmentally friendly elementary schools in Ontario.  They celebrate Earth Day every day, and each class has two student Eco-Detectives to ensure that all students bring litterless lunches and avoid items such as plastic water bottles.

When I asked Big-A if he would like to treat his Grade 1 class with Greenmunch Paper Straws, he was extremely excited.  His teacher and his classmates loved them!  And the fact that they are compostable and biodegradable made them ever better!

When it comes to protecting our Earth, every effort counts.  25% of household waste is plastic.  Plastic straws have a life of about 15 minutes, and will spend years in a landfill.  Simply replacing plastic straws with paper straws can make a huge impact on our environment.  Greenmunch.ca has convinced me to say no to plastic, and to only use paper.  I encourage you to do the same!

Check out the huge selection of eco-friendly products that Greenmunch.ca has to offer at their Online Eco Store.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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