February 10, 2012

Bare Indulgence Bath Boutique, Mississauga ~ Skin Clinic Saturday Feb. 11th!

Those of us living in the GTA may have lucked out with very mild winter weather this year, avoiding snowy drives to work and shoveling until our backs are sore.  But my skin certainly hasn't had a break.  Since early fall, my "alligator skin" has been the same as it is year after year, dry and flakey, with excrutiatingly painful cracked fingers.  I've tried everything from over-priced hand creams from the best skincare shops in Toronto, to prescription creams, to what I call Vaseline hands (hands slathered in greasy Vaseline and covered with cotton socks while I sleep...not very pleasant!).

I had accepted that alligator skin was just my fate.  That I'd have to put up with it year after year, bandaging my fingers and moisturizing as often as possible (to half-decent results).  That was, until I found Bare Indulgence Bath Boutique!

Owned by Anthony and Lisa Caruso, Bare Indulgence is a product of passion.  While vacationing in Northern Ontario, Lisa became a regular customer of SoapStones Soap & Skincare Inc. in Huntsville.  With a quality that couldn't be beat, locally sourced ingredients, and reasonable pricing, Lisa quickly became interested in opening a shop in the GTA to sell SoapStones.  Last November, Lisa's dream came true and her and Anthony are now selling the full line of SoapStones products as the exclusive GTA retailer for SoapStones!


Bare Indulgence Bath Boutique is nestled amongst other upscale boutiques and restaurants, in Sherwood Forrest Village, Mississauga.  The shop is larger than you would expect, with all products neatly displayed.  One of the first things that impressed me about the shop was that not once did I feel overwhelmed by the smell in the shop as I often do at bath/body shops.  What you smell is clean, natural and fresh.

Now, onto the products.  The product line is impressive, with bar soaps, bath washes, shaving butter, a men's line, a young girl's line, and a baby line called Bubble & Squeak (I know...adorable!).  They carry products for everyone, and for every skin type.  My boys and I have tried many, and I look forward to posting about them in the near future.  All I will say for now is that my family are regular customers, and my hands are soft as silk!

Now, for some exciting news!  Bare Indulgence will be holding their 1st Annual Skin Care Clinic on Saturday February 11, from 11am-5pm.  You will have the chance to meet Darla, the creator of SoapStones.  They will also be featuring product demos, workshops, Q&A and will have giveaways along with refreshments and nibbles.  Sounds like a perfect outing for mother & daughter, or with a few girlfriends.  If you are battling dry skin this winter, have specific skin issues or just love natural skin products that smell AMAZING, you really should visit this skin clinic!  I will definitely be there!

Bare Indulgence is located in Sherwood Forrest Village, at 1900 Dundas St. West, Mississauga.  Ph# (905) 403-0007.

I hope to see you there!  If you do have the chance to try out SoapStones products at Bare Indulgences, I would love to hear you results.  I am beyond impressed and am so excited to share this product with everyone I know!  Do your skin a favour and show it the love it deserves!


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Shauna MacKenzie said...

I try not to rely on prescription meds to deal with my family's skin problems. That's why I love Soapstones so much - it's a natural way to relieve our skin ailments and I can trust it even on my children's sensitive skin.