December 11, 2011

Life Choices Natural Foods - A Healthy Alternative To Frozen, Convenience Foods!

My husband and I make lunches and dinners from scratch most days of the week.  But like anyone else, we have those moments where we're short on time and are looking for something quick to make.  I'm totally ok with throwing frozen fish, chicken strips or a pizza in the oven once in a while - I always make sure to add vegetables to the meal and fruit or yogurt for dessert.  We have our own list of favourite brands that we keep on hand in our freezer, and we don't usually stray from them.

When Life Choices Natural Foods offered to send me free coupons to try their products, I immediately went to their website to see what they're all about.  With the mission "Making the Right Choices Easy", I was very impressed with my findings...
  • Toronto-based company, Canadian-made food
  • Natural, kid-friendly versions of convenience foods families enjoy
  • Only premium natural and organic ingredients go into the food
  • Sustainability focused business approach is used focusing on minimizing their environmental footprint, including sourcing as much local raw material as possible and staying conscious of how their food is packaged and how far it will travel
  • Giving back to the community through involvement in community programs, groups and associations
Life Choices Natural Foods offers a great variety of organic frozen foods.  You'll find Mini & Family-sized Pizzas, Mac & Cheese, Meatballs, Chicken Fingers, Fish Sticks, Pierogies and All Beef Hot Dogs.

We decided to try out the Whole Fish Filets and Chicken strips, as these are the most common frozen foods in our home.

The Whole Fish Filets were really good!  After about 20 minutes in the oven, my house was filled with a delicious scent that wasn't fishy.  It was more of a grainy smell.  In fact, some representatives from Elections Canada came to my door as the fish was cooking and one woman thought that I was baking apple pie!  The look on her face when I told her I was cooking fish was priceless!  The grainy topping had a heartiness that reminded me of granola.  And it tasted so good!  Lil-J wasn't able to try them out with his gluten-free diet, but Big-A loved them.  At 3 grams of fibre per serving, they were a definite hit!

The Chicken Strips had the same hearty breaded topping and received raving reviews from hubby and Big-A.  Hubby said that they tasted better than other pub-style chicken strips that we've purchased in the past.

While attending the ShesConnected Conference Toronto in late September, I had the pleasure of meeting reps from Life Choices Natural Foods.  As a part of my conference swag, I received a box of Organic White Mac & Cheese.  Big-A & I love mac & cheese and this was delish!

You can follow Life Choices Natural Foods on Twitter and Facebook, and you will find all product information and store locators on their website at

When we're serving any frozen or processed food, we always make sure to balance our meals by serving raw or steamed vegetables.  There can be a healthier way to have quick meals at home, and Life Choices Natural Foods is a great option to have on hand for those busy days.

As far as frozen foods go, we're not ready to turn our backs on our favourite trusted brands. Instead, we have added Life Choices Natural Foods to this list!


Ella Pretty Blog said...

Too funny about you apple pie fish sticks lol! You just reminded me about the Mac & cheese we received at sccto. It was the yummiest Mac I've ever had...I should purchase some more...I'm craving it now.

Shauna MacKenzie said...

I was trying so hard not to laugh! And usually when you cook fish at night, you can still smell it in the air the next morning. My house didn't - it smelled like granola!