December 16, 2011

Craft Corner - Homemade Greeting Cards

A few months back, I entered my local Walmart to purchase a birthday gift for one of Big-A's classmates. I started at the card aisle, ready to pick out the perfect birthday card. I then remembered that there were two other family members with upcoming birthdays and decided to grab cards for them as well. When I added up the cost of the three greeing cards, they totalled over $17!! There was no way that I spending $17 on three birthday cards! So off we went to the stationary aisle, ready to get creative. I purchased a package of 50 blank cards/envelopes for $10.99, and grabbed a huge selection of stickers and scrapbooking buttons to decorate with. In the end, we had 50 blank cards and enough stickers and buttons to decorate about 10 cards, all for under $25!

Once we arrived home, we quickly went to work creating beautiful, homemade birthday cards. And I'm happy to say, I haven't purchased a greeting card since! This is a great way to save money and encourage your kids to use their creativity. Everyone who has received a homemade card from the boys has absolutely loved it!

Big-A going sticker crazy on a birthday card!

Lil-J joining in on the fun, making his own card :)

This Christmas we will finish off our last batch of store-bought cards.  Once we're out, we won't buy anymore.  Our loved ones will receive the boy's Christmas photo in a homemade card moving forward.  I love that we're saving money and giving something special and homemade to the people we love.  Big-A puts his all into each and every card, and he helps Lil-J with his.  It's a fun way for us to spend time together and it's reason enough to never purchase a greeting card again!  Try this with your kids!

Concentrating very hard!

Decorating the envelope

Big-A proud of the birthday card he made for his friend :)


Lena! said...

Amazing idea!!! The boys look so proud of their accomplishment - and so they should be. I also love the message it sends about 1) making things from the heart and 2) saving money. Well done mama!

Shauna MacKenzie said...

These boys will sit for hours at the kitchen table colouring and playing with stickers. I knew this would be a hit and it was! Everything homemade is special! Thx :)