December 4, 2011

The #cbias Search Continues For Equal Low Calorie Sweetener At McDonald's!

My first #cbias search for Equal Low Calorie Sweetener brought my family and I to our quiet neighbourhood McDonald's restaurant after a busy morning of Christmas shopping.  I didn't have any luck locating Equal at the Neyagawa Blvd & Dundas St W location in Oakville, but we did have a fun lunch.  My boys don't get treated to McDonald's often so this was a very special day!

When planning my second #cbias search this weekend, the perfect opportunity arose after another busy morning, this time for Christmas photos with my boys and my three nieces.  Everyone was very hungry after two hours of posing, and I received a unanimous "yeah!" when I offered to pick-up lunch at McDonald's.  This time, we did not actually enter the restaurant to eat.  With five kids in tow and two adults, we thought it would be easier for us all if I picked-up lunch at the drive-thru and we ate at home.  As much as I enjoy going out to a restaurant to eat, it can be more convenient to eat at home.

Here we are at another Oakville McDonald's location, this time at the drive-thru!

I had so many orders, I forewarned the employee before I started!  It was a big one!

My boys and I went to the McDonald's located at Winston Churchill Blvd and Dundas St W in Oakville, the location that I go to when I'm at work.  It's usually packed but I was pleased to see that it wasn't too busy for us, possibly because we arrived at the very end of the breakfast rush.  With our HUGE order in hand, we proceeded through the drive-thru.  Numerous Happy Meal's later, I finally ordered one of their scrumptious Latte's.  From my first McDonald's Latte experience, I've continually been impressed with how good they are!  Note to the other coffee restaurants - you have some serious competition.
This sign made my decision easy - a medium Latte for moi!

My yummy, foamy Latte...Equal free : /

When ordering the Latte, I requested 1 packet of Equal Sweetener. I was immediately told that they only had the 'other' brand. I asked for the sweetener on the side. When I approached the window, I again asked if they had Equal Sweetener and was told again that they only had the 'other' brand. I asked the window employee why they didn't have any other brands available. He advised me that he didn't know, but the 'other' brand was the only one that they have ever had. I left the drive thru with an un-sweetened Latte and two extremely hungry boys!

Unsweetened Latte aside, we had a very nice lunch.  The kids were very quiet through lunch and devoured all of their food.  They had fun comparing each other's Happy Meal toys and playing with them.  Once lunch was done, they all ran upstairs to play for the afternoon.
As much fun as my second #cbias experience was, the actual Equal search part was a bust.  No Equal Sweetener available at yet another McDonald's restaurant, limiting selection for those who choose sweeteners over sugar due to diet or health reasons.  That is not good news, considering the number of diabetics in Canada is increasing each year.  I made my opinion clear by completing a customer survey on the McDonald's website.
I kept my receipt this time and filled out the Customer Survey. Along with my comment
requesting that they offer Equal Sweetener at all of their restaurants, I also commented on
receiving a milk shake before having to wait 15 minutes for the food.
It was a melted mess by the time I arrived home.

For information on Equal Sweetener, visit the Equal website.   Along with product/ingredient details, you'll also find delicious recipes, health and nutrition information and valuable information on Diabetes.
And don't forget - if you would like to connect with either McDonald's Canada and #EqualCanada online, you will find them both on Twitter at @McD_Canada& @EqualCanada. You can also LIKE McDonald's Canada & Equal Canada on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias.
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Lena! said...

It's so wonderful that your boys compare each other's Happy Meal toy and play together! I just got a very sweet mental image ;)

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

No one likes melted milkshakes!!!
Were you able to re-freeze? I know, not the same though....

Shauna MacKenzie said...

@Lena - My little guy was seriously checking out his cousins Hello Kitty toys! And then my two boys exchanged Bakugan balls, favouring one colour over the other. I'm sure you're boys will be doing the same very soon!

@Tammi - A melted milk shake is never a good thing! I should have sent it back but I was already overwhelmed with buying lunch for 5 hungry kids in the rain!