October 25, 2011

Boo! My "Not So Tricky Halloween" With Allan Candy!

My family LOVES Halloween!  Buying costumes for my boys is always fun, and making them (when I feel creative) is even more fun!  We also love decorating the house with mini pumpkins, window stickies and homemade Halloween crafts.  And who could forget the candy!!  In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Big-A requests candy after dinner almost every night.  And every night he’s told the same thing – NO!  For this reason alone, I rarely purchase candy ahead of time and if I do it’s well hidden.

I love how the candy side of Halloween can get so technical.  Everyone has their favourites in my family.  I am a total chocoholic and anything chocolatey would be Lil-J’s first choice.  Big-A & my husband are addicted to chewy candy, the kind that will pull out your fillings and take an hour to chew, the more sour the better.

This year, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be handing out a selection of candy from Allan Candy Company on Halloween night!  I was extremely excited to find out that I’d be working with this Canadian company through Mom Central Canada on the Allan Candy Company “Not So Tricky Halloween” tour.  When our box of Allan candy arrived at our house, hubby and the boys were attached to me like glue.  I loved looking at the selections and hearing the excitement in Big-A’s voice.

“Daddy, there’s a Big Foot – your favourite!”

“Daddy, I know you like spicy food, you’ll LOVE the Hot Lips!”

“Daddy, I see sour candy!  We LOVE sour candy!”

I guess Daddy and Big-A bond over candy more than I had originally thought J

I was impressed with the individually wrapped candy, a necessity when handing the loot out to neighbourhood kids.  I also love that this candy is proudly Canadian-made.  There aren’t many things out there made in Canada these days!  And the best feature of Allan Candy?  It’s peanut-free which means that it’s school safe!  Big-A was happy to learn that, realizing that he can share with his class.

Included in the loot were the following selections:

Allan Fruit Buddies ~ 5 fabulous fruit flavours
Sour Watermelon Slices
Peach Slices (my favourite!)
Sour Cherry Slices
Tangy Wild Strawberries
Sour Grape Slices
Allan Intense Jubes & Jellies
Adorably spooky
Intensely sour, chewy candies
In the shapes of ghosts and ghouls

Allan Chewy Rascalz ~ Classic candies you'll remember from your childhood
Big Foot (around for 25 years!!)
Sour Big Foot
Green Thumb
Hot Lips

You will find these selections at large retailers such as Wal Mart and Loblaws stores.  And make sure to check out the entire Allan Candy line-up at their website http://www.allancandy.com/home.

So with our candy ready to go, we have a few things left to prepare for the big night.  Big-A’s Inspector Gadget costume is almost complete (thanks to his creative Grandma!).  Lil-J will be a hand-me-down pirate.  Hubby and I still have some finishing touches on our costumes, as we will be attending my sister’s annual costume party.  The house is spooktacular and the Halloween books have been pulled off of book shelves. 

Another fun thing that we have yet to do is pumpkin carving.  Daddy always carves the big pumpkins and the boys and I help to clean out the seeds.  I purchased adorable pumpkin decorators for the boys a few years ago, and we let them decorate their own little pumpkins.  This weekend while we carve and decorate away, I'll also be roasting pumpkin seeds - my favourite treat!  And then we’ll be ready to go!

Lil-J (a cute little lamb) & Big-A (homemade Mad Scientist)
dressed up for Halloween last year

The boys decorating their baby pumpkins

Each year, we all head out trick-or-treating together, leaving a bowl of candy on our front porch.  With little ones, we don’t go far and I’m totally ok with not being home to answer the door for an hour.  We just can't bear to miss a second of the boys trick-or-treating!  After the door-to-door fun, we head home to watch a movie and sort through candy.  With Halloween being a Monday this year, we may have to skip the movie – party pooper mommy has to make sure the boys are in bed at a decent time.  But it will still be tons of fun.

I love watching the boys trick-or-treat.  And after recently moving to a super family-friendly neighbourhood, I am really excited about Halloween this year.  I'm sure Big-A will run into classmates and it will be fun to surprise the neighbours with their costumes.  And I must admit, I do look forward to sneaking some candy from the boy's Halloween bags...mom's deserve a treat too, right?

I am participating in the Allan Candy Company program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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