November 1, 2011

My Kinder® Moments On Facebook - A Fun Way To Capture Precious Memories

During my first two blog posts as a #KinderMOM, I've discussed Kinder's® delicious, nut-free, high quality chocolate, an awesome 2012 toy lineup, the informative Kinder® Canada website, my own family fun experiences, and the Kinder® Canada Facebook page full of family-friendly discussions and prizes.  I am excited to announce that there is yet another Kinder® 'Surprise' for all you Kinder® fans out there!  If you're not already a Kinder® Canada Facebook fan, I encourage you to LIKE the page to benefit from the conversation, as well as the contests. 

Once you're a FB fan, click on the My KINDER® Moments app to get started on your own special photo album courtesy of Kinder® Canada.  You'll have the opportunity to frame all of your special family moments, from birthdays to special holidays to the first tooth-fairy visit!  These framed photos will be saved in your own My KINDER® Moments Album and can be shared with all of your family and friends.

It literally takes a few minutes to create a framed photo, and you can use photos from your own Facebook account or upload photos from your computer.  I had fun framing some really great moments from the past year.

A photo of the boys & their good friend apple picking!
How perfect is this frame?!

On top of providing a fun way to preserve family memories through My KINDER® Moments, the generous folks at Kinder® Canada are also running monthly contests as well.  When you create a framed photo using the My KINDER® Moments app, you will be automatically entered to win an awesome prize!  Don't miss out on these fab opportunities!

My absolute fave photo of the wonderful guys
 in my life, enjoying time together at the cottage!
My big boy's first lost tooth!
A VERY proud moment for our family!

Whether you enjoyed Kinder® Surprise chocolates and toys as a child or your own children are enjoying them now, Kinder® has continued to bring fun to families over the years by encouraging us to enjoy the simple joys in life.

I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.
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