October 7, 2011

How This Kinder® Mom Makes Time For Family Fun!

So many aspects of life are serious.  I wake up, feed my children, work all day, feed my children, then bathtime and bedtime!  It's easy to get consumed in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about having fun!  To battle the blahs of the everyday routine, my husband and I make a habit of finding little moments of fun for our boys in everything we do.
  • Bathtime can turn into a full-blown pirate battle.  Or we visit the aqua zoo, naming the water animals and making their sounds.
  • There's always time for fun while we get the kids ready for bed.  We sing silly songs and have tickle-fests.  And there is almost always a little naked bum running around without a towel - always good for a laugh!
  • On weekends, we enjoy indoor play (board games, crafts at the kitchen table, cooking/baking together).  We also love outdoor play, whether we're going to the park, checking out a local family farm, or just relaxing in the backyard.
One important thing to remember is that while it's great to plan fun activities for your kids, they should also be encouraged to make their own fun.  While my husband and I prepare dinner during the week, the boys are expected to play on their own.  They can watch their favourite movie, make a puzzle together, build with Lego or grab their craft bins from our kitchen pantry and get creative.  We make it known that this is a time that mommy and daddy are busy can can't play.

Last weekend, we had my three nieces over for the day and we had non-stop fun!  After a busy afternoon of crafts and playing, we all sat down for snack time.  Big-A helped me to fill a bowl with Kinder® Surprise eggs and he surprised his cousins with them.  The smiles on their faces were contagious!  And I don't know what excited them more...the chocolate or the toy!  The big kids helped the little ones to open their eggs, and they all worked together to build their toys.  The girls left our house that night, smiles on their faces and toys in hand.  They had such a great day, and the simple surprise of a Kinder® egg made it even more fun!

Try to find fun moments in everything your family does, no matter how big or small.  We all know that life is too short, and there's nothing better than a life filled with happy moments.

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As mentioned in my first Kinder®Mom blog post, I encourage you to visit the Kinder® Canada website at http://haveyouplayedtoday.ca/ for nutritional & product information.  You will also find some handy tabs such as Ideas For Creative Playtime, Playful Events Near You, and Development Interests For Parents.  The Ideas For Creative Playtime page will be very useful during this fall season on rainy weekends!
Enjoy life's simple moments and make life as fun as possible!
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