November 13, 2012

3rd Time's A Charm As A #KinderMOM ~ Introducing Kinder® Canada's 2013 Toy Collection!

Yippee!  I'm a #KinderMOM again...for the third time!  I had a blast on the first two campaigns, and am thrilled to be a part of the fun yet again.  And there are certainly no complaints from my boys - they just LOVED Kinder Surprise!  First on the list of Kinder® things to get excited is the new 2013 toy lineup!!!
Bouncing Monsters, Flying Jelly, Fuzzy Animals and Merry Twisters (see below) are just some of the toys that Kinder® is offering inside their delicious nut-free chocolate eggs.  And they are as much fun for parents to play with, as they are for kids.
As a child, I loved making spiral patterns with my Spirograph toy.  I remember being mesmerized by the different patterns I could make in under a minute.  When Big-A cracked his first Kinder® Egg from the #kinderMOM box, I was thrilled to find this spiral toy!  He quickly got to work making simple spirals and creative pictures using spirals. 
This toy reminded me of a spiral toy I played with as a child.
Being an artistic family, this has been one of our favourite
Kinder toys so far!
Big-A creeated a bird with his first spiral :)

A perfect spiral!  This toy kept Big-A busy for about an hour!
Another fun toy that the boys have found inside a Kinder® Egg is a Merry Twister top.  It's not just any old round top.  They build it themselves, snapping the pieces into place.  Once built, they started spinning and couldn't stop.  On the floor, on the kitchen counter, even on a bar stool, they had a blast with this toy.

My boys LOVE tops and any toy that spins.  They got to build this Merry Twister
themselves, and had a great time spinning it on any surface they could think of!

It took some serious coordination, but we managed to
get a shot of the spinning in action!

Make sure to check out Kinder® Canada on Facebook to participate in their My Kinder Moments page. Here, you can place your favourite family photos in a special Kinder frame, saving it in your own photo albums.  You are also entered for monthly draws when you create a Kinder Moment.  Here are a few recent special moments that I've created:


The boys posing at the cottage on Thanksgiving weekend :)

My Halloween Joker ready for a spooktacular day at school!


I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. As with every post that I write, the opinions on this blog are my own.”

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