October 22, 2012

Canada's Food Guide

Have you taken a good look at Canada's Food Guide lately?  Check it out at

If you feel a bit overwhelmed trying to follow it, you're not alone.  I will admit that I don't go straight to the guide when meal-planning.  The thought of having to match my children's food intake with the numbers on the guide seem impossible on a good day!  But I do look at it occasionally for a refresher course on what my children need in their diet.

You can download a PDF version or order a free paper copy.  Health Canada has made obtaining this handy guide easy for anyone who wants it.  Also take a look at the numerous links on the site providing information from choosing the best food for your child to tips on how to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Make sure to read both pages of the Food Guide.  The first page provides you with the 'Recommended Number of Food Guide Servings Per Day', examples of single servings for the four food groups, as well as tips on how to make healthier choices within the food groups.  The second page provides you with information on how to have a healthy lifestyle and instructions on how to read food labels.

I would suggest ordering a free paper copy on the website and hanging it inside your main food cupboard in your kitchen.  Having it easily available will make it easier to follow on a daily basis.  You can also share it with your children, show them how to read it, and discuss the importance of it.  Encourage your 5-year old to meet his 5 servings of fruit & veggies in a day, make it a fun competition!  It's our responsibility as parents to provide our children with the tools needed to live a healthy life.

Happy and healthy eating!

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