October 14, 2012

Yoplait Yogurt Tubes ~ A Fun & Healthy Snack Perfect For Any Lunchbag! #LMDConnector


Yoplait yogurt can always be found in my refrigerator.  I like the classic Yoplait Creamy, the boys ate Minigo daily when they were younger, and our refrigerator is always full of Yop (for Big-A's school snack).  Yogurt has always been our snack of choice, but we also eat it for breakfast (topped with granola) and dessert (topped with fresh berries).  I even add it to my favourite baked goods when I can.
Yoplait is an ideal yogurt for kids, as it does not contain gelatin, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners.  I find way too many yogurts containing one or all of these items, and they never make it in my grocery cart!  Yoplait yogurt is also a great source of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Protein (Yop contains 5g of Protein per serving, 1/5 of Big-A's daily requirement).  The fact that Yoplait yogurt tastes delicious and is fun to eat are just added extras that any parent would love.
Another awesome fact about Yoplait yogurt is that it's been made in Canada since 1971!  Canadian-made foods are preferred in our home.
When Big-A started school in JK, I started sending him with yogurt in a reusable plastic container.  This proved to be a messy way to eat a healthy snack, and I started buying Minigo instead.  As soon as he started Grade 1, it became 'uncool' for kids to eat yogurt from a container (the horror!!) and drinking it was the only acceptable method.  I really expected these things to happen when it came to clothes and accessories, but food?  How times have changed...
When I first placed a Yop in his lunchbag, he was beyond thrilled!  Now we go to the grocery store and he gets to pick out his own flavours.  I think it's important to allow children to have a say on the food choices a family makes, as this will encourage healthy eating habits in adulthood.
This year, Big-A started asking for yogurt Tubes.  It was a product that I was unfamiliar with, but I decided to check them out.  Although they don't contain the same nutritional punch as Yop (less Calcium, Protein and Vitamins), they are very low in calories and sugar.  I never count on a single food product to give my children the nutrition that they need in a day, so with a balanced diet Yoplait Tubes can be added as a school snack.  I purchased two boxes in various flavours, and surprised him with them.  As you can see from the photos below, he was VERY excited to see them!

Big-A's initial reaction to the Yoplait Yogurt Tubes that I surprised him with!

This is one excited kid!!

I grew up eating yogurt, and my children have done the same.  It is an ideal Calcium and Protein source, and they are perfect for a healthy school or on-the-go snack.  Check out the Yoplait Canada website for a list of all of their products, and you will find one that suits the needs of each member of your family!  Make sure to also check out their Recipes using your favourite Yoplait yogurts.  I'm definitely going to have to give the Low-Fat Cheesecake Delight a try!

I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills.  I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.  As with every post that I write, the opinions on this blog are my own.


Christine McN said...

Love this post! Love the look of excitement! Classic! What a great expression on his face!

Looking forward to meeting you at SCCTO. I'm a fellow #LMDConnector, SCCTO Ambassador AND LoveCDNBeef Ambassador! We've gotta meet!!!

Shauna MacKenzie said...

I love it when my kids get super excited over healthy food!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you too - I'll tweet you so that we can meet up. We do have a lot in common :)