September 10, 2011

Seventh Generation - Product Review & Contest!

"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."
~From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

Being an environmentally conscious Canadian, I am constantly searching for the most effective 'green' or natural cleaning products to use in my home.  When the opportunity arose to test Seventh Generation products (courtesy of Mom Central Canada), I was instantly on board!  With two busy boys tearing up the house, my husband and I clean A LOT!  We also change a lot of diapers, and use a lot of baby wipes.  I was thrilled to find out that I would have the chance to test out these products as well!

I have used 'green' and natural dishwasher detergent in the past but it just hasn't measured up to the standard brand that we normally use.  I had a full load of dirty dishes ready to be washed and decided to give Seventh Generation Free & Clear Automatic Dishwasher Gel a try.
This convenient gel soap is fragrance-free, chlorine-free, phosphate-free and non-toxicPlant-Derived Enzyme Soil Removers and Water Softeners, along with Mineral Protection Agents work together to break up food residue, lift stains and protect dishes and dishwasher parts.  I was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of this dishwashing gel.  I didn't feel a film on any plastic items as I have with my previous dishwashing packs, and every single dish came out spotless.  This product now has a permanent spot in my kitchen!

I have used the same standard, brand-name disposable diapers with both of my boys and we have never had issues with absorbency or comfort.  I have thought in the past of using a 'green' diaper but they are so expensive that I couldn't justify buying them.  I used my free coupon to purchase a 26-pack of Seventh Generation Free & Clear 26 size 5 diapers, retailing at $14.99.  Not bad!  Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers are chlorine-free, fragrance-free, latex-free and hypoallergenic.  They also provide a premium fit and absorbency.  Even with this claim, I was skeptical.  But I put them to the test (well, Lil-J actually put them to the test!) and I was very happy with the result.  The actual diaper is very soft.  The diapers didn't leak or fall apart, even at their worst moments.  I would use these again, especially with Lil-J's extremely sensitive skin.

The Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes were like any other that I've used in the past - they were soft with a mild scent.  They contain no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances, and material does not contain chlorine.  Like the diapers, they are also hypoallergenic.  They contain aloe extract, vitamin E, and other pant-derived ingredients.  They worked very well on Lil-J, as well as both boy's hands.  I wiped my hands with them and they didn't irritate my eczema which tells me that they would be very gentle on newborn baby bums too.  I was a happy customer again and would buy these in the future.

I had hoped to try out Seventh Generation Laundry Liquid, as well as Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner...but that didn't happen.  After visiting three grocery store chains, I could not locate either product anywhere.  And the store locator on their website came up with no results.  I will hold onto my coupons and if I do manage to locate these items, I will share my results with another post.  I hope to have that chance in the near future!

Taking Care Of This World For My Children...
I learned the importance of being environmentally friendly from an early age, both at school and at home.  I've never tied myself to a tree in protest, but I believe that I have always showed respect to our beautiful planet Earth.  After having Big-A, my environmental consciousness quickly moved from outside the home to inside the home.  Along came phosphate-free dishwashing products, cleaners made with natural ingredients, and soaps/shampoos/laundry products made with the least amount of chemicals possible.

Our 'Green' Life...
As a family, we try to follow a 'green' lifestyle as much as possible.  We have rules about turning off lights in the house and limiting water use (turning off taps while brushing teeth, taking short showers).  We also recycle and compost our food waste, and I always take the time to explain why we do this to Big-A.  He knows to put food in the compost bin because the worms are waiting for their dinner!  We also try to buy local food as much as possible.  Ontario farms have so much to offer.  If I can buy apples picked at a farm around the corner, I know that I'm not only supporting a local farm, but I'm also decreasing the carbon footprint left by a non-local apple travelling across the country.

Along with providing effective and environmentally friendly products, Seventh Generation also has a list of charitable initiatives.  Follow this link to read more.  And check in with me late in September for more details on the incredible Seventh Generation Diaper Donation program!

You can join the 7th Gen Nation as well!  As a Nation member, you'll have access to coupons, special offers and tips for green & healthy living.  You can join at


*The following giveaway is open to Canadian residents only *

Seventh Generation is generously offering Kindergarten Confidential readers a chance to win a 100% organic cotton Seventh Gen Eco lunch bag as well as coupons for a FREE package of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers, Free & Clear Baby Wipes and dish washing products!

For your chance to win this awesome prize, simply leave a comment on this post with your best tip on how to be more environmentally conscious.

For extra entries, you can do the following (make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry):
This contest closes midnight Thursday September 15, 2011.
I will draw for a winner Friday September 16, 2011.
Good luck to all!

I am participating in the Seventh Generation program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation
as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


Anonymous said...

I try and make my own products using household items such as baking soda, vinegar etc.

Craig said...

Have you seen your last electricity bill? With the new smart metres in Oakville, our bill almost doubled! So a/c went down a few degrees, lights definitely go off when we leave the rooms and I unplug all unused items.

For water (which is on the same bill) we run the dishwasher FULL, every second night and after 9pm. The a/c condensate collects in a bucket that runs off into the laudry tub in a bucket and I use that to water the plants...

All these small things help :)

Cam said...

Hang your clothes instead of using the dryer. Not only saves on electricity but helps the clothes from fading.

Michelle from Cam's work said...

I like to go to sleep with the tv on. I set the tv sleep timer for 45 mins so it does not stay on all night.