March 24, 2011

National Poison Prevention Week

This week, March 20-26, is National Poison Prevention Week.  The Government of Canada is working to raise awareness about the dangers of household poisons, as well as to educate about poison prevention.  The theme of this year's campaign: children under five.

Visit for more information from the Ministry of Health.  There are many informative links on this page, including a direct link to Canada's Poison Control Centre.

Health Canada's educational program, Stay Safe, offers an interactive way to educate children about Hazard Symbols.  Stay Safe promotes simple and effective messages for children using guides, as well as on-line activities.  Parents and caregivers will find this very handy.  You can find more information at
Healthy Canadians has also jumped on board with tips for chemical safety in the home.  Visit their website at

Prevention is one of the easiest ways to keep your children safe.  Simply storing cleaning products and other hazardous items out of their reach can help to prevent an unnecessary visit to the hospital.  Visit the sites that I've listed, and educate yourself and your children about poison prevention.

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