March 13, 2011

Lunch - Flat Bread Roll-Ups

A sandwich again?  Awwww Mom!!!

Have you heard this before?  Have you said it to yourself while opening your own lunch bag at work?  Everyone gets tired of the same old sandwich.  With peanut butter and Nutella out of the picture at school, there aren't many fun options for lunch sandwiches.  Why not change up your typical sandwich with a Flat Bread Roll-Up!  Get creative with the ingredients and let your kids join in the fun of making them.

Flat Bread:
  • You can find many different selections of flat bread in your grocery store bakery.
  • Varieties include: Whole Grains; Ancient Grains; White; Whole Wheat; Flax; Sundried Tomato; Cheese; Spinach.
  • Bib or Boston lettuce - tender leaves that roll up easily.
  • Baby spinach.
  • Baby bok choy leaves.
  • Cucumbers or zucchini sliced into ribbons using a harp-style vegetable peeler.
  • Slices of ripe avocado pair well with chicken.
  • Sliced tomatoes (seeds removed).
  • Find a low-sodium version of your child's favourite deli meat (try to avoid highly processed meats such as bologna).
  • Cook a chicken or turkey breast the night before.  Chill in the refrigerator and slice thinly once cooled.
  • A couple of slices of pork or turkey bacon, if this is not a choking hazard for your child.
  • Any sliced cheese will do.  Milder cheeses such as mozzarella or light havarti won't overwhelm the flavours in the wrap.
  • Ask your child what condiment they want.  Butter, mayonnaise and mustard are common choices.

Once you choose your ingredients, layer them on the flat bread, roll it up and slice in half or into 1-inch thick discs.  Keep cool in a lunch bag with an ice pack.  Don't forget to include your children when choosing the ingredients and building the wrap.  They'll be excited to eat what they made!

1. Always wash the lettuce and allow to dry completely to avoid a soggy wrap.
2. Layer wet ingredients like mayo, mustard and tomatoes between the lettuce, meat or cheese, avoiding contact with the flat bread.  This will also help to keep the flat bread dry.
3. If adding sliced veggies to the wrap is not an option, send a small container of raw veggies as a side dish.  A container of fruit or berries would also make a healthy side.
4. Add spices to plain mayonnaise to add flavour to your roll-up.

Lunch shouldn't be boring...for anyone!  Make lunch fun and interesting for your children, and for yourself.  Try different ingredients and flavours and get your kids involved!  Enjoy!


    Lena! said...

    It's 9:35pm and I want a Lunch roll-up NOW. Great tips!

    Shauna MacKenzie said...

    Thx Lena :) I was craving one as I was writing the post too. I can't wait to move so that I can roast a chicken & make some BLT roll-ups!

    Nancy Ghuman said...

    Great post! After reading this I bought all the ingredients..going to try it with my 13 month and if it doesn't work with him yet it's a perfect lunch for me and my husband!

    Shauna MacKenzie said...

    Thx for your comment Nancy! You can buy small wraps at the grocery store - they'd be perfect for your 13-month old! My absolute fave these days is a small spoon of sour cream, top with left-over cooked chicken, salsa, tons of shredded head lettuce and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese. Wrap up and you've got a delish, balanced, healthy lunch! My 6-year old loves them in his lunch at school too. It's a nice change from an ordinary sandwich :)