June 24, 2011

Tips On How To Feed A Toddler - Tell A Story!

I can easily catch Big-A & Lil-J's attention by telling a story.  They love nursery rhymes, and I sometimes use my own childhood experiences to make up stories.  If I'm having a hard time getting either of them to eat a new food (especially veggies), I'll think of a story that relates to the food.  This can put a positive spin on any food, even a stinky brussel sprout!


A green bean is about as exciting as a a piece of string.  Kids don't like boring things, and don't want to eat boring food.  But a modest green bean has a 'magical' quality that will pique any preschooler's interest.  If your child is balking at green beans, simply break the bean open lengthwise to reveal the magical seeds inside!

Tell the classic story of Jack And The Beanstalk and encourage your child to gobble up the seeds before the giant comes.  I bet you never thought green beans could be this fun!  I've had fun using this story with both my boys.  They would start out by eating only the seeds, and now love eating green beans!

When your child balks at a new food, use YOUR imagination and think of a story to tell, whether from a nursery rhyme, a movie or from your own food experiences.  Take the focus away from the 'yucky' vegetable and make this new food fun!

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