June 7, 2011

Creative Corner - Silly Songs Car Game

Big-A & Lil-J on our last long trip to the cottage.
I've lived this scenario many, many times...

2 hours into the 4-hour drive to the cottage, the boys are bored of the cd's, bored of the DS, bored of the radio.  Daddy & I are half asleep from boredom.  Time for something fun, something different from the usual car activities!

We started a silly singing game when Big-A was a toddler, and he has just as much fun with it at 6-years old.  Lil-J loves it too, and joins in the fun. 

You simply sing a common children's song or nursery rhyme, but to a different style of music.  How silly is it to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as a Rap song?  Or "Mary Had A Little Lamb" in a Heavy Metal voice (complete with head-banging)?  Or "You Are My Sunshine" with a Country twang?  It will have the entire family hysterically laughing, quickly forgetting about car ride boredom.

Try the Silly Songs Car Game with your kids at the dinner table tonight, or save this fun activity for your next road trip.  It will quickly become a regular family activity to help pass the time!

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Lena! said...

We love silly songs! And that picture of your boys is heartstopping!