May 1, 2011

Tips On How To Feed A Toddler - Name That Food!

It's so easy to get stuck in the habit of feeding your toddler processed finger foods.  I remember when Big-A was about age 3, thinking about how many cheese sandwiches this poor child ate in the past two years of his life!  Toddlers and preschoolers are hard to feed.  They're big enough to be picky and too little to eat many of the meals that the grown-ups eat.  I know that many parents of young children can relate.

My boys will eat almost anything that we serve them, but it hasn't been easy.  They've both balked at certain foods and my husband and I have had to work hard to open their minds (and mouths) to new foods.  I would like to share my tips and success stories, in the hope of helping other parents with this all to common issue.

Kids like to have fun in every aspect of their lives.  Naming food is definitely fun!  "Broccoli trees" and "rainbow peppers" can make eating veggies more enjoyable.

A favourite pasta dish of ours is Broccoli Parmy Pasta.  When making this dish with rotini & farfalle, we call it "butterflies & caterpillars".  I think that even the biggest broccoli hater around would give a dish with this name a try!
I even have a way of making fish fun to eat!  With every bite, we yell out "Heeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!"  If you don't remember this classic Sesame Street skit, you can click on the link below.  It's hilarious, and it gives the boys something to focus on (other than the fish).

I don't necessarily enjoy tricking my kids into eating healthy foods or trying new things.  I want them to know exactly what they're eating and why the food is good for their growing bodies.  But sometimes, a little distraction can help.  During your next family meal, think of all the fun names you can give the food that you serve.  Keep it simple and make mealtime fun!


Fatty said...

LOL! What a great post and video Shauna! I love it!!!

Shauna MacKenzie said...

Thanks Michelle :) That video is a classic!