February 8, 2011

Listen To Lena!

I have a serious addiction.  It’s not to food or cigarettes or shoes.  It’s to a blog that I’ve been following for over 2 years.  If you haven’t checked out Listen To Lena! yet, you’re missing out!  Charlene Almeida, the brains and beauty behind this incredible blog, is a busy stay at home mom of two gorgeous boys.  

The following Bio perfectly describes Lena:
I'm a Canadian stay-at-home-mom who would rather shop Ferragamo than Fisher Price. But, I do love my diaper bag. And my stroller. And I really, really love my sons. So I traded Prada for Pampers, and do my best to find the very best quality at the best price. If it's on sale, I've already bought it. 

Listen To Lena! was the proud recipient of two Canadian Blog Awards in 2010 - BEST FAMILY BLOG & BEST BLOG OVERALL!  This was based on fan votes.  Needless to say, this blog is pretty darn popular!

Not only is Lena a fashion-forward, deal-seeking mom, she also has a heart of gold.  Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending The 1st Listen To Lena! Charity Raffle.  15 ladies arrived at her house for an afternoon of girly fun.  There were yummy treats, plenty of chatting, and a huge list of prizes to be won.  Everyone left a winner!  The best part of the day?  The whopping $550 that she raised!  With 100% of the proceeds being donated to a very special charity, the day was a huge success!

Being the bake-a-holic that I am, I just had to provide some goodies for the party.  So I got busy and arrived with a tray of Mini Cheesecakes and a Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  The cheesecakes were fun to make, and the coffee cake was super easy, taking about 5 minutes to prepare.  Both are perfect desserts to bring to any party!  After receiving numerous requests for my recipes, I have posted them below. 

Baking delicious treats for a special occasion doesn't have to be stressful or complicated.  Bake what you are comfortable with, don't overdo it.  If your specialty is chocolate chip cookies, I can assure you no one will turn you away!  Have fun and enjoy :)

Thank you again to Lena for your incredible generosity, and for the daily dose of entertainment that I receive from your blog.


Lena! said...

I seriously have tears in my eyes reading this. You are too kind, Shauna - and yes, your treats were SCRUMPTIOUS and enjoyed by all!

xxx ooo

Nancy Ghuman said...

Great post Shauna! and thanks so much for the recipes!

Kailin said...

I'm a Lena-holic too!!! there isn't a work day that goes by that I don't open up her blog to check her posts. Her writing is so captivating.
I love Shauna's blog as well. My morning ritual when I arrive at work, grab coffee and read their posts.

Shauna MacKenzie said...

@Lena - I loved writing this about you and have wanted to for a while!

@Nancy - Thanks so much! Enjoy the recipes, let me know how they turn out :)

@Kailin - I'm with you, Lena is a big part of my morning routine!