November 13, 2010

Desperate Mornings Call For Desperate Measures...Praeventia!

I think we can all relate to this scenario…

It’s a weeknight and your favourite tv show is on.  You stay up way too late watching your show, and fall asleep on the couch.  You crawl into bed at an ungodly hour.  You sleep through your snooze and wake up to your little one standing over you asking if it’s time for school yet.  Panic sets in.  You dress yourself and your child, barely managing to get your clothes on the right way.  On your way out the door, something hits you.  You know you’re forgetting something.  School snack!!!  No time to butter a muffin, no time to prepare cheese and crackers.  What to do?

Although homemade is almost always the better choice, there are very good nut-free store bought options for school snack time.

Introducing...Praeventia, by Leclerc.

A little history ~ Leclerc first launched in Quebec City in 1905, by François Leclerc.  To date, they run 4 Canadian plants (three in Quebec, one in Ontario) and 2 US plants.  Leclerc was the Winner of the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix New Products Award.

The Leclerc Research and Development Team works closely with Laval University’s Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Institute (INAF).  INAF researchers study the effects of neutraceuticals (food products that provide health and medical benefits) on preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease and various types of cancer.

Praeventia products have the following benefits:
  • Certified Nut Free (CAC)
  • Contains inulin, a prebiotic dietary fibre (from chicory root)
  • Contains a high proportion of whole grain oats, a soluble fibre that helps lower blood cholesterol
  • A single snack-pack contains 3-4 grams of fibre, offering numerous health benefits and helping you to feel full (reducing further snacking between meals)
  • Contains fruit such as cranberry, pomegranate and apple
  • Contains polyphenols, a common antioxidant.  These are supplied by green tea, cocoa and red wine extract.

Leclerc makes many different Praeventia products:

Cookies with Inulin
-dark chocolate chip with 70% cocoa and red wine extract
-orange zest with green tea extract
Junior Cookies
-70% dark chocolate chip
-double chocolate
Bars with Inulin
-almond & apple with green tea extract
-cranberry & pomegranate with green tea extract

So you now know that Praeventia snacks are good for you and your children.  But they’re also DELICIOUS!  Our favourite cookies are the dark chocolate chip with 70% cocoa and red wine extract.  The small heart-shaped cookies are crisp and have the perfect amount of sweetness.  Both my sons love them!

When you are having one those desperate mornings, grab a snack-pack of Praeventia cookies to throw into your little one’s backpack, and grab one for yourself!

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