October 1, 2010

The Three R's...Reusable Containers

I used to drive my husband crazy (well, I'm sure I still do!) by saving the empty plastic baby food cups and lids (Heinz or Gerber) leftover from my son's meal.  I'm glad that I ignored his requests to just toss them.  I use them all of the time, in many different ways.
  • Filled with dried fruit (cranberries and raisins) for Big-A's school snack, as I have to send a re-useable container **
  • Filled with Cheerios for Lil-J when I'm on-the-go
  • I fill the small container with almonds and the tall container with cottage cheese for my 3pm work snack
  • I fill the small container with granola and the tall container with yogurt and berries for an afternoon parfait, no mushy granola!
The lids also fit most applesauce snack cups (Mott's Fruitsations, President's Choice).

** Using them for small school snacks is a great space saver in an already packed lunchbag or backpack.  I fill them with dried fruit and place the container inside a larger one filled with banana bread, etc.  It keeps the food separated but keeps the entire snack together.  There's a better chance of your child eating his entire snack or lunch at school if you keep things simple for them.

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Lena! said...

Great tips Shauna!